Storm Damage

Wind/Hail/Storm Damage

Wind/Hail/Storm Damage

Structures and building systems in the southeast may be damaged due to a variety of natural phenomena, ranging from hail and wind, tornadoes and hurricanes, to earthquake damage. Hail damage can occur from hailstones and hailstorms, and cause substantial damage to homes, autos, and property. Wind can tear apart roofs and cladding as well as exacerbate moisture/water intrusion into the structure. We provide damage assessment and evaluation for subrogation efforts. Origin Cause will analyze the damage and determine if the cause is weather or hazard related, while also providing conclusions as to if the severity of the damage matches the weather patterns of the area, and if the damage is related to the recent storm or if the damage was preexisting.

At Origin and Cause, we have decades of training and experience in evaluating all types of hail, storm, and wind incidents, and analyzing them thoroughly to understand the magnitude of damage. Our real-life industry training aids in our ability to get to the root cause and provide you with the facts you need to uncover what happened. We also help support our clients through the litigation process, when appropriate.

Wind/Hail/Storm Damage Services

  • Hail/Hail Storm Damage
  • Wind-Related Damage
  • Damage to Roof Covering
  • Lighting-Related Damage
  • Hurricane- and Tornado-Related Damages
  • Damage to Light Gauge Metal
  • Exterior Cladding Damage
  • Water Intrusion and Flooding Damage
  • Bruised Membranes From the Impact of Hail
  • Lighting-Related Fires and Damage to Electrical Systems
  • Granular Loss of Roof Material