About Us

About Us

At Origin and Cause, we provide structural forensic expertise to help insurance companies, law firms, independent adjusters, contractors, and homeowners determine the true origin of a failure event.

We are a leading and trusted voice in the industry and our highly trained, skilled, and experienced forensic investigation professionals work tirelessly to provide objective analysis that uncovers the truth. Our founding partners have over 30 years of combined forensic experience.


We have a well-established reputation for integrity and commitment to the facts, offering unbiased and objective opinions based on factual evidence. And we respect the interests of all parties involved in the investigative process by providing an emphasis on expedited reporting.

Although each project is tailored to the client’s individual needs, our business lodestar emphasizes a synthesis of competence, clarity, and responsiveness.

Most importantly, we are inquisitive thinkers by nature, so we bring to the field a true passion to get to the bottom of what happened; we are genuinely fortunate to be providing services in this unique industry.