Forensic engineering & analysis

Moisture Intrusion and Water Infiltration

We are hired to identify the source of your water infiltration or moisture intrusion into a building, property, or building component.

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Storm Damage

Storms can cause a lot of costly and extensive damage to a property when hail and wind are involved.

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Construction Defects

Construction Defects can cause damage to persons or property, usually resulting in financial harm to the owner.

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Practice Areas

Providing the very best in forensic investigations by industry experts in multiple fields and disciplines

About us

Origin Cause Leading Experts in Forensic Investigation

Our Vision is to exemplify unsurpassed ethics, integrity, and expertise in our areas of practice.

At Origin and Cause, we provide structural forensic expertise to help property owners, insurance companies, law firms, independent adjusters, contractors, and homeowners determine the true origin of a failure event.

We are a leading and trusted voice in the industry and our highly trained, skilled, and experienced forensic investigation professionals work tirelessly to provide objective analysis that uncovers the truth.